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I am new to 1PASSWORD. I was a previous LastPass user. My questions are about using Microsoft browser extensions. I have a 1PASSWORD family plan. Can more than one family member use the same Microsoft Edge extension. When I click on the extension, it brings up my family plan, but it will only accept my password. When my wife tries to enter hers, it says incorrect password. Can both of us use the same extension, and if we can, can someone let me know how to do this? In LastPass all I had to do was log out of my vault and she could long into hers. Please help if you can.

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  • Hi @Richharold,

    You can both sign in to 1Password in your browser with the below steps:

    1. Right click the 1Password icon in your browser toolbar and choose Settings
    2. Disable 'Integrate with 1Password app'
    3. Scroll down to the Accounts and Vaults section and add your wife's account

    Now when 1Password in your browser is locked, typing in your password will unlock your account and if your wife types in her password it will unlock her acocunt.

    I hope this helps!

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