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Co-authoring in Notes field

This happened with another product so I'm wondering how 1Password would handle this situation.
We have shared items.
1 user was making an update to an item.
Another user was offline and making an update to that same item.
When the user who was off-line came online his changes overwrote the other users.
What would happen with 1Password in this scenario?

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    Hi @paulcornerstone,

    Great question. 1Password has a conflict handling safeguard to account for these situations. In a case where both users' devices are online, you'll see the following divider when editing a Secure Note or notes field of an item:

    Edit: In my own testing, the above occurs even when one device is offline.

    Outside of that, in cases where one device is offline, and both people attempt to edit the password filed of an item, for example, there won't be traditional conflicting handling. Using item history, you can find all previous passwords and versions of the item and restore them if you'd like:

    View and restore previous versions of items in your team

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