Reinstall extension after upgrading on Chromebook?



  • robert1p
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    On my Chromebook, I'd been meaning to track down my issue with the upgrade from 1pw7 to 1pw8, but hadn't had time. However, today I was asked to generate a console log from chrome (for another issue), and in the log I see the Chrome Extension is failing to connect to 1pw7. There are numerous log entries stating "Looking for desktop app com.1password.1password7".

    After upgrading to 1pw8, do I need to uninstall and reinstall the Web Extension? I would have thought the Extension would have been smart enough to detect the upgrade on its own.

  • Hi @robert1p, thanks for your question.

    1Password for Android doesn't link via a shared lock state to 1Password in the browser as you would see with 1Password for Mac, Windows or Linux. It's difficult to say without seeing the logs, but it may be a normal cycle for the extension to go through in the background. For example, the extension may periodically check for 1Password 8 then check for 1Password 7 and finding neither continues on.

    If the 1Password extension is otherwise working as expected reinstalling is not likely necessary at this time.

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