Maximum watchtower score

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How is the watchtower score calculated? How do all the vault items contribute to the score?

What is the maximum score?


  • Hello @shhh! 👋

    Good question! The exact algorithm that is responsible for determining your Watchtower score is a proprietary secret but we've written a blog that explains the sorts of things that you can do to increase your score: How to Improve Your 1Password Watchtower Score

    In general, resolving potential vulnerabilities that Watchtower flags will increase your score. Doing things like making sure that automatic updates are turned on for the 1Password app will also increase your score as 1Password will recognize that as an action that you've taken to protect yourself and your data.

    The highest score that you can obtain will change as time goes on and technology progresses. But the higher the score the better! 🙂


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