How are 1 Password 8 data files backed up on my Windows 10 computer

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I use Carbonite as a general backup probram on my Windows 10 computer.
Are 1 Password files/data backed up in Carbonite?
If not, what should I do to have a complete backkup of 1 Password files and data in case of a computer crash or some other disaster?

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  • Tertius3
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    If you're running the desktop client version 8:
    The 1Password Windows desktop app version 8 stores its cached vault data in %appdata%\local\1password. If your backup app includes this directory for backup, you can restore the desktop app.

    However, it's not that important, because all 1Password data is stored in the 1Password cloud as well, where it is backed up by 1Password. If you lose and reinstall your PC and install 1Password again, it will download (sync) everything from the cloud again as soon as you sign in. You will lose nothing this way. To prepare for this case, make sure you have a copy of the secret key (contained in your emergency kit), account password and additionally the mfa QR code (in case you activated mfa for 1Password). If in doubt, store a printed version of all this along with your important papers.

    In case you do backup the local store, make sure the backup media is physically as secure as your computer. Anyone who can access your backup media, is able to restore the data files, thus only needs the account password to use the data within.

  • Hello @JosieNurseTN,

    Thanks for your question and to @Tertius3 for the assist here. 👍 Tertius is correct here, the data in the %localappdata%\1password folder will be backed up that folder is included in the routine back up.

    Further to the comments about the Emergency Kit, this is your most reliable back up, as mentioned in my reply in this alternate thread. I've also included a link to this guide below for for your reference:

    Get to know your Emergency Kit

    Let us know if you have any other questions!

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