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1password does not load on certain banking websites, until you refresh

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I've been looking through the forums and online and haven't quite found my answer yet.
I am using Google Chrome on the most recent update of 1Password Chrome Extension and also the desktop app.
I have Chrome set to open multiple windows that I commonly use when I click the shortcut.
1/4 of these pages, 1password loads immediately and I'm able to autofill/click the icon in the form to unlock then autofill.
The other 3 pages will not show the 1password icon in the form, BUT if I refresh the page, then they show up.
This is an easy enough workaround, but this doesn't seem like how the program is supposed to be functioning.

Things I've tried:

  • uninstalling and reinstalling both the desktop 1password app and chrome browser extension.
  • Recreating the Logins
  • Triple check all settings - Offer to fill and save passwords is on, The two applications are integrated per the settings.
  • Checked permissions for browser app, and it has access to all websites
  • Chrome is up to date

I've read that this commonly happens for Banking websites, which is where I'm trying to login to. But refreshing the page let's 1password show back up, so surely that can't be the issue?

Pages where this appears:

Page where it works fine:

I have also looked at the most current log, when I open up the browser I get this:
INFO 2023-02-02T13:27:39.073 main(ThreadId(1)) [1P:native-messaging\op-browser-support\src\main.rs:165] Starting 1Password-BrowserSupport 8.9.14 production build no. 80914009.
INFO 2023-02-02T13:27:39.135 main(ThreadId(1)) [1P:native-messaging\op-browser-support\src\browser_verification\windows.rs:25] Verifying browser "C:\Program Files (x86)\Google\Chrome\Application\chrome.exe"
WARN 2023-02-02T13:27:39.482 main(ThreadId(1)) [1P:foundation\op-windows\src\windows\cert.rs:226] operation WinVerifyTrust: Verify took more than 300 ms (345 ms)
WARN 2023-02-02T13:27:39.482 main(ThreadId(1)) [1P:foundation\op-windows\src\windows\cert.rs:194] operation verify_trusted_file_certificate took more than 300 ms (346 ms)
WARN 2023-02-02T13:27:39.503 main(ThreadId(1)) [1P:native-messaging\op-browser-support\src\browser_verification\windows.rs:5] operation verify took more than 300 ms (410 ms)
INFO 2023-02-02T13:27:39.503 main(ThreadId(1)) [1P:native-messaging\op-browser-support-lib\src\communication_logic.rs:122] Starting SLS communication (attempting connection to desktop app)
WARN 2023-02-02T13:27:41.433 main(ThreadId(1)) [1P:foundation\op-windows\src\windows\cert.rs:226] operation WinVerifyTrust: Verify took more than 300 ms (1928 ms)
WARN 2023-02-02T13:27:41.433 main(ThreadId(1)) [1P:foundation\op-windows\src\windows\cert.rs:194] operation verify_trusted_file_certificate took more than 300 ms (1929 ms)
INFO 2023-02-02T13:27:41.444 main(ThreadId(1)) [1P:native-messaging\op-browser-support-lib\src\communication_logic.rs:187] Connected to the desktop app

Refreshing the page provides no further logs.

Please let me know if there is any other information I can provide or anything else I can try.

1Password Version: 8.9.14
Extension Version: 2.6.0
OS Version: Windows 10 Pro 22H2
Browser:_ Chrome (up to date)


  • andrew.l_1Pandrew.l_1P

    Team Member

    Hi @MustFixThings,

    Apologies for the delay here, are you still experiencing this? I wasn't able to reproduce this locally on the latest app and browser extension versions and would be happy to troubleshoot if that isn't the case for you.

    To confirm, are these multiple tabs or multiple windows? I see there's a setting within Chrome itself to open multiple tabs, is that what you're using?

    Let me know and we can go from there. 🙂

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