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hi, when I'm submitting a payment to sky, via Mac everything is in correct field, when I try to submit a payment via My Sky app, when I try to autofill payment info, it all other the place, my long number in middle of card appears in security code field. can anyone tell my this is on iOS. when each field is filled out correctly via Mac and safari


_1Password Version:8.9.15
_Extension Version:2.6.0
_OS Version:11.7.3
Browser: Safari


  • Hello @alistairmck! 👋

    I'm sorry to hear that you're having trouble filling your credit card information into an app on your iPhone. On the iPhone, 1Password relies on an iOS technology called Password AutoFill to allow it to fill usernames and passwords into other apps. Password AutoFill doesn't currently allow 1Password to fill credit cards on the iPhone so it's likely that you're filling your credit card from another location saved on your iPhone itself and not 1Password. You'll need to copy and paste your credit card information from 1Password into the "My Sky" app: Copy and fill passwords into apps that don't work with 1Password

    If you can access your "My Sky" account using Safari then you can also use our Safari browser extension to fill your credit card information there: Get to know 1Password for Safari on your iPhone or iPad

    I hope that helps! 🙂


  • alistairmck
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    hi @Dave_1P thanks for replying so quickly to my post, as everything works so seamlessly on my Mac, password, credit card info autofilling correctly etc I thought I was doing something wrong on iPhone/iPad. Also, about 3 weeks ago I changed my 2FA codes to 1password from authy app and codes work great on my iMac via safari extension and 1password app but still need to copy and paste via apps on iOS.

  • @alistairmck

    Try double tapping the 2FA code field after filling and see if the code fills for you. Please make sure you enable Notifications inside the 1Password settings.

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