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I migrated to 1P after 10+ years on LastPass. Since LastPass did not support tagging items, I came up with an elaborate scheme to put manual tags/keywords in the Notes field of each item e.g. tag1, tag2, etc. so that searching for a tag brings up all items with that tag in Notes.

Using the built-in tags is a more structured way to achieve the same result with the added benefit that the tags show in the sidebar for easy navigation even without performing a search.

Is there a way to bulk convert all these manual tags into 1Password tags?

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  • Tertius3
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    @shhh I don't see any built in function in 1Password that would scan the free text notes and add words from it as tags to the item. This is incompatible: free text in the notes (could contain anything, not only your manually added tagging keywords) and the machine readable real tags.

    I'm a very lazy person and automate everything possible, and if there is something to automate on my computer I will write some batch/powershell/perl/php script to do this. However even this is not a thing I would try to script. It could probably be automated by export the account to a *.1pux file, then extract the json-representation of your database, then write a script to scan it, then scan the notes, then add the notes as tags to the json, the rewrite the database export, then recreate the *.1pux, then reimport it. Possible, but feasibility depends on the amount of items to process. What would take longer? Editing everything manually, or write and test the script?

    You can try this by using the desktop app of 1Password:

    • create one item for each of your tags, so the tag list/tag hierarchy actually appears in the sidebar of 1Password.
    • search for a tag within the notes, so the search result is a list of items.
    • select all items from the search result and drag the selected items with the mouse to the tag in the sidebar to assign them this tag
    • repeat with the remaining tags

    This way you can bulk assign the tags half manually, half automated. Only one search and one drag operation per tag, not one search and edit per item.
    Small caveat: the now useless text in the notes field remains.

    You find remaining/untagged items by searching for =untagged (or the corresponding translation of "untagged" in your language, in case you use a different language than English for 1Password)

  • shhh
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    @Tertius3 Thank you for the thoughtful analysis, much appreciated. TIL 2 things 1) multiple items can be selected and dragged over a sidebar tag to assign that tag 2) Search operators like =untagged are supported

    Follow-up on #2 - Where can I read more about these advanced search operators?

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