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How I imagine it would work:

  • You navigate to netflix on your desktop device and are prompted with a login and password.

  • The 1password "clipboard" app on your desktop then sends a request to your mobile device for the login and password for netflix.

  • You accept on your mobile and the 1password servers send only that password to the desktop device.

This ensures that compromised systems can't steal all of your passwords, just the ones you send through. It allows you to install 1password in systems you don't fully trust, such as childrens computers, your desktop gaming pc that you ran that dodgy exe on.

I personally keep sensitive information on my 1password like my passport number, but I also keep my netflix password on there too. So I want to use 1password on my desktop machine because it lets me quickly login to things like amazon, spotify, netflix, however I don't want that machine to have any access to information like my passport number just incase it is compromised. I think this feature would really make 1password stand out from its competitors.

I'd like to add that the problem isn't how I use the pc and that I should learn how to use it better so I feel safe putting 1password on it. For example, running something like the nexus mods app or the blitz app is a pretty normal thing to do. However why should I have to put my trust in these companies I don't really know? The issue isn't about santisation, the issue is all of my passwords go onto a singular account and that account has 1 login and 1 password. So all of my passwords have to go into 1 place too. I feel safe about running kinda dodgy exes if all they get is my netflix password, I don't if they are getting passwords that could ruin my life. Different machines have differing levels of trust, 1password however remains the same on all of them.

Thanks for listening to my ted talk.

side note:

If you know of a really trustworthy clipboard app that works with iphone, android, pc and macos I'll gladly pay for it. I havn't found anything decent yet.

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  • Hello @Soleft! 👋

    That's a cool idea and I've passed it along to the product team on your behalf. I'll mention that we're hoping to build a mobile authenticator using passkeys that would allow you to approve sign-ins to an account on one device from another device. You can see a proof of concept in the video at the 2 minute mark on this page: Passkeys: the future of authentication in 1Password

    For the moment, you might be able to accomplish your goal of only accessing certain items on one device without also giving that device access to your other items by using a guest account on the less trusted device. To create a guest account you'll need to be part of a 1Password Families membership: Share with guests in 1Password Families

    If you're using an individual account then you can send single items to a device securely by using a secure share link: Securely share 1Password items with anyone

    While 1Password employs a variety of measures to protect data on your devices (such as using Secure Input on the Mac to protect against keyloggers) my recommendation is that you continue to follow your instincts here and not use 1Password on devices that you don't trust to be safe.

    If you know of a really trustworthy clipboard app that works with iphone, android, pc and macos I'll gladly pay for it. I havn't found anything decent yet.

    I don't personally know of any cross-platform apps. 😔 But, as someone who only uses Apple devices, I will mention that Universal Clipboard works great to copy and paste things across my Mac, iPhone, and iPad: Use Universal Clipboard to copy and paste between your Apple devices - Apple Support (CA)


    ref: PB-30967223

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