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Feedback Request: Ability To Hide (Dismiss) iOS Keyboard While Editing An Item

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When tapping the edit button for an item, the keyboard automatically pops up, and it kinda gets in the way of the viewing space. I believe the reason it immediately opens is because the app puts the title field into focus automatically after tapping “Edit”. There’s not really a way to dismiss the keyboard without having to do a couple tricks. Usually apps behave by dismissing the keyboard if you scroll or swipe it down (e.g. like in a messaging app).

1Password version: 1Password for iOS 8.10.0 81000024, on BETA TestFlight channel

iOS version: 16.3


  • chris55chris55
    Community Member

    It would probably be better if the default behaviour wasn’t to edit the title field. I’d suggest no field is selected and let the user choose.

    That way the keyboard won’t show up by default.

  • nimvionimvio
    Community Member

    @chris55, I think you're spot on, but it'd also be nice to be able to manually dismiss it; however, something is better than nothing.

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