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I am a new user and am struggling with the basic process of using OnePassword from my Apple mobile device. EG…When I go to a website that I have listed in my OnePassword it does not auto fill the user name or password nor seem to find the information automatically. I have my settings to autofill. Please help!


  • ag_tommy
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    Do you see the 1Password autofill suggestion above the keyboard? Do you see the key symbol? (Screenshots in the link below) Please also make sure you made the needed changes in iOS. That is the most common reason for trouble.

    Use 1Password to fill and save on your iPhone and iPad

  • lin75dot
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    It only offers the icloud key symbol, even though I have selected the OnePassword in my settings to Autofill. Is there another setting besides this?

  • Tape the key icon. Sometime we're behind it if multiple options are enabled. Once you tap it you'll likely see an option to pick iCloud or 1Password to fill the data.

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