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iOS field reordering

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Field reordering is on the latest TestFlight 8.10.0

Annoying little bug to report. If you’re in edit mode and scrolling, if you start your scroll by accidentally pressing the field reorder icon, it starts the reorder process rather than a scroll.

A slight delay once you press the field reordering to activate it would be a much better experience.

It’s literally the first thing I noticed when trying it out. I went to scroll but reordered a field from the bottom right to the top.


  • EggsAndAvoEggsAndAvo
    Community Member

    I agree with this. I also feel that when reordering it should have haptics because it would feel more natural. Also, when reordering the keyboard is still up and it really blocks a lot of the view.

  • nNfEfRtqUHrmDWYdocjhnNfEfRtqUHrmDWYdocjh
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    edited February 24

    I agree with the above comments.

    Additionally I wanted to mention that when you grab the handle to drag an entry e.g. when reordering the start page it seems as if the handle or a frame would pop out. This feels very unnatural to me.

    Also dragging feels a bit slow and unresponsive there.

    In contrast, dragging in reordering fields in a logon entry feels too fast and hectic. I almost always miss the spot where I wanted to drag it, especially because the screen is also included by the keyboard.

    Please take a look e.g. at reordering Mailboxes in the native Mail app on iOS. Reordering feels very snappy and natural there.

  • EggsAndAvoEggsAndAvo
    Community Member

    I agree 100% with you, it definitely feels unnatural. Please change this 1Password.

  • ag_tommyag_tommy

    Team Member

    Thanks folks. I've mentioned this to the team.

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