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Is there a search operator that can show me all the login items across all my vaults that have the one-time password field?


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  • @shhh

    Searching for "one-time" (without the quotation marks) brings up items with a one-time password field for me. Once you find the items you can add a "2FA" tag so that you can find them easier in the future: Organize with favorites and tags

    I hope that helps! 🙂


  • shhh
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    @Dave_1P That's a great idea. I did that but now when I search for =tag:2FA in the search bar, I don't get any results. Clicking on the 2FA tag in the sidebar does filter to the tagged items.

    Also, one of the benefits of tagging as opposed to putting items in folders is that one item can be tagged with more than 1 tag. So I tried to do a search like =tag:tag1 =tag:tag2 but that didn't work either.

    What I am missing?

  • Hello @shhh,

    Thank for your message. Given that filtering works by first selecting the tag, using Ctrl + F, then entering additional keywords after the search filter, the ability to search items by two different tags is not possible. Our guide, Search 1Password to find what you need - Search filters explains the steps to use filters to find items within a specific tag, category, or vault.

    I hope this information helps, but if you need further assistance, just let us know.

  • shhh
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    @ag_mike_d Not having the ability to search by multiple tags severely limits the usability of the tagging concept.

    Please consider enhancing this. Thanks.

  • I appreciate the quick response and additional feedback, @shh. I've included your thoughts for our Product team.

    ref: 31066581

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