Feature request: More setting to genrate password

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Can you add more settings about to generate password? I mean it will be usefull to have a way to select what kind of characters and specials one that we can have in password, like keeweb, it allow to select if you want generate password with differenct groups like:

  • alphabet with upper and/or lower case
  • numbers
  • special characters like @!# (it will be great to customize it too! I've some website/apps/scripts that don't allow every special chars)
  • ({[ ]})
  • characters with accents
  • Misunderstand characters like 0 can be misunderstand with O

And a usefull feature is the password presets so you can save your prefered templates with password lenght and kind of characters to generate it

It's realy useful to have that personalizations.

Thank you for your time

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  • Hello @RedFoxy,

    Thanks for your message and letting us know you'd like to see some more granular settings for the way passwords are generated.

    The password generator uses a balance of commonly used characters and colour codes letters/numbers/symbols to help differentiate.

    I'm happy to pass your thoughts along to the Product team, but could you let us know if you've bumped into any specific troubles with the current available settings when creating a custom password?

    Looking forward to your reply.

  • RedFoxy
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    Thank you for your message! Sometimes I've some troubles generatig passwords when I need to use it in bash script or other kind of scripting where some characters are used for other functions, like ! in bash or -, I've anopther trouble about password when I must change password for my office account, they force me to have a password that must consist of at least one lower case character, one upper case character, one symbol between !-#,.: and at least one paranthesis between [{( )}], the minimum number of characters required is 11 and the maximum number is 25, so everytime I go to a website, insert all special and brackets to generate a new one.

    I've another password problem, it's about a software that asks for a password change every 90 days, and it accept password with maximum 14 characters with only following special chartarters: ;:'"?!,.@-_$%&/()

    So a granular settings for password generation with custom presets it will be realy useful for me!

  • Hello again @RedFoxy,

    That's perfect! Thanks for providing these details - I've sent them along to the Product team for consideration.

    ref: 31139116

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