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Okta Public Preview is HERE 👀


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1Password Business Unlock with Okta Public Preview

I’m very pleased to announce that starting today, Unlock with Okta Single Sign-On is now available in public preview 🎉

All 1Password Business customers now have the option to turn on, test, and provide feedback on Unlock with Okta before the general availability release. Keep in mind this is early access so it should be used for testing, validation, and feedback purposes only.

Unlock with Okta shifts away from needing 1Password’s Secret Key, but does so in a way that preserves zero-knowledge and end-to-end encryption, all while giving you more convenience – and you can start testing it right now. Check out our blog post that covers a deep-dive on SSO under the hood.

Unlock with Okta public preview requirements

Important note: all participating testers must be using 1Password 8 on all their devices. If you have testers using 1Password 7, they will need to upgrade to 1Password 8 before you opt them into unlocking with Okta.

Please also ensure that yourself and anyone testing meet the following requirements for various platforms:

Browser ExtensionEnsure you’re using our beta browser extension for testing.
Desktop appsFollow these steps to enable Mac, Linux, Android, and Windows to use our “Nightly” release to test desktop apps.
Mobile appsCustomers can use the stable release in both the Google Play or App Store for testing mobile apps.
1Password.comThe Unlock with Identity Provider tile is now available for all Business accounts under the Security tab.

Ready to get started?

Here are two support guides that will walk you through the steps to connect Okta to your 1Password account and to allow employees to enable Unlock with SSO on their devices:

Have feedback you’d like to share on the public preview?

We will be sending out a survey to public preview users to gather your comments and feedback shortly after launch. Keep an eye out for an email! Have fun, and thank you for everything!

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