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Existing members in 1password when provisioning with google workspace with scim bridge

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In documentation it says Before you turn on provisioning, if you have existing users in 1Password, make sure they’re in the Google Workspace group(s) that you plan to provision. If they aren’t in the provisioned group(s), they’ll be suspended in 1Password

Does this mean that an existing member in 1password who are not in the google workspace will be suspended ?

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  • Jack.P_1PJack.P_1P

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    Hi @nishika:

    Great question! When using Automated User Provisioning, it's necessary that your users be included in your Identity Provider, and also in a group that is provisioned for 1Password. If they're not, then they will be suspended. Guest users don't have to be from your Identity Provider.


  • nishikanishika
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    Sorry for the late response.

    So for not to get suspended users need to be in both identity provider group and 1password group ? Also if some user got suspended, we need to add them to say identity provider to activate them ?

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