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After listening to your feedback, we're introducing a ton of updates that make 1Password simpler to use and easier to tweak to your organization's needs.

Here’s a snapshot of the new admin-specific features recently released in 1Password:

Option to turn off Emergency Kits

  • You can choose to disable Emergency Kits, reducing the friction for new team members who are getting started with 1Password.

Option to turn off file storage

  • Don’t want your team members storing documents and other files in 1Password? No problem.

Option to enforce 2FA using only security keys

  • Level up your team's security by requiring that everyone use a FIDO2/WebAuthn security key to unlock 1Password.

Learn more about our latest updates on the 1Password blog:

Building a better, more useful 1Password

These updates were only possible thanks to your feedback. Have more ideas about how we can improve 1Password? Get in touch with our team.

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