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With the move to passkeys I'm curious about signing into 1Password with my fingerprint for example and then what would I use to sign into my iPhone? Does that not allow me to move over from passwords to passkeys or am I able to have my fingerprint and faceID as authenticators?

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  • Hello @Lucas99! 👋

    Are you referring to using a passkey for your 1Password account itself rather than using an account password? If you are then you won't need to have separate passkeys for 1Password on each device, instead you'll create one passkey for your 1Password account and then use that one passkey to sign in to 1Password on all of your devices.

    If you're using Apple devices then the passkey will be available to be used with Touch ID or Face ID on all devices. And if you're using another type of device then you can use the same passkey to sign into 1Password by scanning a QR code with your iPhone and then approving the sign in using Touch ID or Face ID.

    We have a blog, and a video, with a preview of what this will look like here: Goodbye, passwords

    I hope that helps! 🙂


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