How do I copy and use my V7 OpVault from a desktop PC to an androd tablet?

Gary Y
Gary Y
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I don't have (and don't want) an account. I use 1password 7 in local mode on all of my devices. I just tried to set up this system on an old tablet that I pulled out of the closet. The tablet is running Marshmallow. I did what I usually do, I updated 1Password on the tablet to the latest version, v7.9.4 . I copied my OpVault from my Windows 11 desktop PC (running 1P v7.9.832) to the tablet, using a USB cable. I started 1Password on the tablet, which recognized my OpVault and opened it with my master password.
Unfortunately, this instance is empty. It contains no logins, passwords, or any of the other data that exists in the PC OpVault.
Since the Opvault contains my data when I open it on on my desktop I don't understand how the data can vanish by copying it to another device.
Please advise.

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  • Gary Y
    Gary Y
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    I found the fix, so for the benefit of anyone else with this problem who finds my post:

    First, you have to go the settings (the gear icon), then to "sync" then turn ON "folder sync".

    Second, you have to go to the three dot 'vertical elipsis' aka 'kebab' menu and select "sync" to actually execute the synchronization process,

    ...annnd, all of my passwords appeared as expected.

  • Thank you for creating this post and providing an update, @Gary Y! I'm glad you got it all sorted out on your old tablet.

    Let us know if you have any further questions.

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