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do you have an app for android devices like watches? specifically Samsung watches?

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  • ag_audrey
    edited February 22

    Hey @CCD, welcome to our Community! Thanks for reaching out here.

    1Password for Android does not currently have a Wear OS app, but we’d love to hear more about your interest in this feature. What sort of functionality are you looking for from a Wear OS app?

  • CCD
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    if i could access 1password info on my wearable device, such as android watch. then i could use 1password for items like the security code for a building, or access code for a security system or other device that is infrequently used.

  • Thanks for sharing your use case @CCD! While I can't say if or when this might be added, I've filed this with the Product team for their consideration.

    ref: 31999208

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