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Adding Okta public preview to existing Okta SCIM app

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We're using SCIM with Okta and already have an SWA app in Okta for the provisioning side. The original app is '1password business' that's available in the Okta application catalog. What is the recommended setup for using Okta to unlock 1password in conjunction with SCIM? Will I need to maintain two Okta apps or can they be combined into one app?

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  • branfarmbranfarm
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    Looks like someone moved this thread to the SCIM Bridge section. To be clearer on the question -- how does the new 'Unlock with Identity Provider' work alongside SCIM? Will it require two separate apps in Okta -- one for SSO and one for SCIM?

  • laz.h_1Plaz.h_1P

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    Hello @branfarm! Thanks for writing in. I'm Laz, a developer on the SCIM bridge. SSO and SCIM work hand in hand with one another, but are not directly related. The SCIM integration lives in parallel to SSO and as such will be its own app in Okta. The recommended way to set up SCIM + SSO on 1Password is to simply set up both integrations, and they will automatically begin to work with one another. Depending on how your SSO is configured (if you want all users in SSO, just certain groups, etc) users that are provisioned can be placed directly into the SSO setup.

  • branfarmbranfarm
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    Thank you for the clarification.

  • Jack.P_1PJack.P_1P

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    Hi @branfarm:

    On behalf of Laz, you're very welcome!


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