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Remote Desktop Manager asking for MFA authentication for each password lookup

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Our company uses (RDM) Remote Desktop Manager from Devolutions with 1Password integration. After enabling MFA for 1Password each time a lookup is done from RDM a 1Password Multi-factor Authentication request is prompted.

This is very unconvinient and eventually becomes annoying. Is there a method available that allows this to be done for the entire session, for example once starting RDM and connecting to the 1Password database?

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  • ag_maxag_max

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    Hi @JohnEestermans,

    Sorry for the delay and for the inconvenience with that prompt. This looks to be a known issue and was reported to Devolutions via their forum in 2021.

    Normally, 1Password will only prompt for two-factor authentication for new or reset devices. And if you're using Duo this will be more frequent. That said, with RDMs, 1Password (or the RDM) may not be able to determine any past connections (standard 2FA or Duo) and you may be asked to authenticate more frequently, like the behavior you are experiencing. I'm not sure if anything can be done on this end, though I'll be happy to bring this up with the team internally.

  • JohnEestermansJohnEestermans
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    Hi ag_max,

    I have also reported it as an incident to Devolutions and am waiting for the result of the investigation.

    In addition we use 1Password MFA using Google/Microsoft authenticator. While logging into a device from RDM the tickbox "Remember this device is set. This seems to have no effect.

  • JohnEestermansJohnEestermans
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    Hi ag_max,

    Not sure if this is of any help in the internal team discussion, when using RDM the connection is made from an "Unnamed Device" seen from my personal 1Password profile. IP address and location are known in my network.

  • JohnEestermansJohnEestermans
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    Hi ag_max,

    The responce from the Devolutions team:

    Unfortunately, there is no option in RDM right now to ask for the MFA just once.
    This case is now in the engineering department, they will work on this feature and see if it can be done quickly.

    Is there a possibility, perhaps as an additional feature, to indicate within 1Password that MFA is not required if used from a certain location/application?

  • ScottS1PScottS1P

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    Hello @JohnEestermans

    Account details like your account password and Secret Key should never be used for (or entered into) anything other than 1Password, and doing so may result in a compromise of your account information and vault data. Since RDM seems to require this, and you may have already entered your account details into their third-party software, I'd encourage you to review our How to keep your 1Password account secure support article, and email [email protected] so we can continue the conversation about keeping your 1Password account secure.

    There isn't an official integration between 1Password and RDM, so I'm unable to assist with the issues you've mentioned above. Since RDM is a different product developed by a different company, you should contact them for support, bug requests, and feature requests related to their software.

    I hope this information helps. Let me know if you have any further questions.

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