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Why is there no notification of a team account being locked?

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I use 1Password with two accounts, one is my personal account and the other is my work account provided by my employer.

On both desktop and mobile my work account gets regularly locked and I need to re-enter my password to unlock it. I'm not sure how frequently this happens but it feels like once a week or once a fortnight.

I don't receive any notification from 1Password that my work account is locked. The problem this causes is when I go to sign in to a service using credentials that are stored in my work account I'm simply not presented with any options for that site. I spend some time wondering what's going wrong, and it's not until I dig into the hamburger menu for the Chrome extension on desktop (or open the 1Password app on mobile) that I realise my work account is locked by seeing a little padlock icon.

  • Why is there no notification or visible indicator that an account is locked? Can one be added?
  • Where can I find out why this account gets locked frequently?

1Password Version: 8.10.1
Extension Version: 2.7.0
OS Version: macOS 12.3
Browser:_ Brave 1.48


  • ag_maxag_max

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    Hi @johnbillion,

    Why is there no notification or visible indicator that an account is locked? Can one be added?

    The 1Password app will display your account name with a lock screen indicator from the selection dropdown at the top left of the sidebar.

    1Password in the browser will also display the same lock indicator from the Accounts selection dropdown of the popup.

    That said, there isn't any immediate notification after unlocking your other account(s). 1Password will only unlock the accounts matching your account password you enter.

    Where can I find out why this account gets locked frequently?

    For security reasons, 1Password will only unlock the account matching your account password. To unlock another account, please open the 1Password desktop app > Select your account at the top left corner > Select the locked account on the list > Enter your account password to unlock it.

    To get around this, my recommendation is to use the same password for each of your accounts. Not only does this mean you only have one password to remember, it also helps to cut down on confusion in terms of remembering which account password to enter to access specific items. Each of your accounts remains protected, thanks to the unique generated Secret Key you're assigned with each account.

    You can read how to change your account password in the support article linked below:

    Use your 1Password account password for all your accounts

    Aside from that, you can access multiple accounts that have different account passwords through Windows Hello (Windows) or Touch ID (Mac).

  • johnbillionjohnbillion
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    Thanks for the reply.

    In day-to-day usage I rarely have a need to open the 1Password app let alone open the dropdown at the top. I interact with it almost exclusively through autofill on mobile or the browser extension popup window on desktop. Hence why I don't notice when my work account gets locked.

    It would be great if a message about an account being locked was shown at the bottom of the autocomplete list or shown more prominently on the browser extension popup window.

    I'd not previously seen the advice about using the same password for both accounts, I'll give that a try and it'll likely solve the problem for me.


  • ag_maxag_max

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    Happy to assist, and thanks for sharing your helpful feedback. I can definitely see how those indicators can be missed if you're not actively accessing those menus. Our team is here to assist should anything come up in the future. 👋

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