i can't migrate my data from 1password 7 to 1password 8

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I just upgrate my ios to 16.3, then my app 1password 7.2.2 crashed, so i update my 1password 7 to 8,but i cant migrate my data to the new version.

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  • @Johnnysong

    My best guess is you'll need to get a newer version of the 1Password 7 app. That said, we have folks who specialize in situations like this. If you'd like to email the team one of them would be more than happy to help. [email protected] When you write in please indicate where your data is stored currently. Which 3rd party service assuming you are syncing.

    Off-hand without knowing more it sounds like you'll want to install the latest version of 1Password 7 and link it to your data. Then get the data into a membership and from there you'll get it back in 1Password 8. The most important thing is getting the data safe.

  • merolle
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    Same problem. I cannot update to a newer version of 1 passwd 7 because it is not available on the app store. I will email the support forum as well.

  • @merolle

    I'm sorry that you're running into the same problem. I see that my colleague just replied to your email, please continue the conversation there. 🙂


    ref: JZG-59473-239

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