Online Safety Bill!!

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Hi Team,

The Online Safety Bill is gaining traction again in the UK.

Whilst I understand the need for it, the fact that it's encouraging and likely to try and enforce backdoors to encryption in all software that runs in the UK is frankly disgusting, and actually more dangerous!! You can't have encryption that protects the good and not the bad. It's either working for everyone of no one!

Can 1PW confirm or comment on what their intentions would be?

Signal have confirmed if the Bill clears in it's current form, they would stop operating in the UK

Tutanota have confirmed they will continue as they are and not comply, they will instead make the UK 'block access to them'

What is the stance of 1PW?

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  • Hello @Zaka7! 👋

    While I don’t have any specific news to share at the moment, the Online Safety Bill is something that the team is monitoring carefully as it makes its way through the legislative process.


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