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Hi. I've been following along with the docs and created a template for creating a custom item. I wanted a single item to store a couple passwords and have it auto generated. I created a template with several sections and each section has a username and password. The password is of "CONCEALED" type. However, in using the cli I notice that --generate-password simply generates a single field called password. I kind of expected it to look at the template and fill in all the "CONCEALED" fields.

Two questions.
1. Is there a way to do this?
2. Since in the template I left the "value" blank for the password fields, the password fields aren't even created. All I get is my username fields. Is this expected?

I guess alternatively, can I just call the cli tools just to get a password returned? What I could do is write a shell script which generates the passwords and then fills in the template.

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  • Maciejf85
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    It seems that none of the creators has time to help, 1password is underdeveloped, many additional functions are missing, the cli is underdeveloped and the lack of help from the application developers is a total lack of respect. When my purchased period ends, I switch to another password manager

  • XIII
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    the cli is underdeveloped ... I switch to another password manager

    Which other password manager does even have a CLI?

    (I considered the CLI to be one of several USP's of 1Password, but I might be wrong)

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