Password not synced from android app

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I dont think it is an Android issue, but no appropriate "Category" was listed.
So I updated a login (which is a pain itself as the Android app doesn't have a password generator feature, so I need start to create a new login to use the password generator. (This was advised by you- the support).
But The update password is cannot be seen in the windows app/Browser extensions.
WHY dont you have a SYNC NOW command in the apps?
Please (!) dont abuse me with checking network connections bs. Those are working on each of my devices.
(And no, I wont send a log.)

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  • Hi @axm1875, thanks for writing in. I'm sorry there has been an issue syncing a password.

    1Password should sync after an item is added or edited as well as periodically in the background. Diagnostics from 1Password for Android and 1Password for Windows could be helpful to determine where the issue might be but we are of course happy to help regardless. I'd like to ask you to email us directly so we can troubleshoot further with you.

    You can email us at Please include a link to this thread with your message:

    You'll get an auto-reply from BitBot which gives you a conversation number, that looks like [#ABC-12345-123]. You can post that here and I'll be sure you message gets to the right place. Thanks again!

  • axm1875
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    The reason I write because the "sync now" button would have a use case. Eventually I "re-edited" the item on the device where the change happened (I changed a password) and after saving, the sync executed immediately.

  • ag_timothy
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    Hi @axm1875, thanks for following up with me. I'm glad to hear sync did resume after a subsequent edit.

    While I can't make any promises about the development of 1Password, I'd be happy to share this suggestion with the Product team for their consideration.

    Thanks again and do let us know if you encounter any other sync issues.

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