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Export work items only

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  • cgbeale94cgbeale94
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    OMG, this is why I chose 1Password because I thought it could do this. I am coming from LastPass and now have to separate out for the same reasons (work won't let me use 1Password - not FedRamp approved). I have to move to Keeper which is. I was so excited that I could use the 1P desktop app to separate everything based on my work email. I have about 100+ work passwords. How do you do it manually or should I not ask?

  • ag_maxag_max

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    edited March 9

    Hi @cgbeale94,

    Currently, the 1Password 8 desktop application will export all vaults where you have the appropriate permissions. Functionality to export select vaults in 1Password 8 has been requested before, so I'll be happy to pass this along for further consideration and tracking purposes.

    ref: pb-31545408

    Can you share more information about your use case? Just to confirm, are you needing to selectively export your work passwords?

  • cgbeale94cgbeale94
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    yes, 1Password was the only manager that let me separate passwords based on a search (super useful). I just searched for my work email and then dragged everything over to a new vault- very slick (could only do that on the desktop app) For years, my federal office did not provide a manager so I put everything in LastPass (work and personal). With the two recent LastPass breaches, I felt it was time to move on. I guess I should have determined whether I could separate out before I moved everything to 1Password and deleted all my records in LastPass. When I saw that I could use separate vaults and search by email, I was sold on 1Password and very quickly was able to separate out my two worlds. My office now has a federal license to Keeper so I need to move my office passwords over to keeper. By the way, I tried out Dashlane, Bitwarden, and Keeper, and 1Password did the best job of importing from LastPass, everything matched up perfectly. Even my software licenses, banks, credit cards, and routers — all came over and matched up to the same categories. Thanks for creating a great product. Hopefully, 1P can add this separate export feature. Thank you

  • ag_maxag_max

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    I appreciate those details, and thanks for your helpful feedback I can share with the team. I'm very glad to hear the migration process went well.

    As a workaround for your setup, you could export that specific vault containing those work items in the CSV format in 1Password 7. Before you do that it will be necessary to uninstall 1Password 8. After you temporarily install 1Password 7 for Windows or Mac, you can perform the export. When you're done you can uninstall 1Password 7 and reinstall 1Password 8.

    Aside from that, you could export your data in the CSV format in 1Password 8. There won't be a field showing the vault the item was located in, though you could manually work your way through these items in a spreadsheet and then delete the non-work related ones. This may be tedious if you have numerous items to manage.

    Regardless of your choice, be sure to delete the unencrypted CSV file when you're done and make sure it wasn't picked up by any backup software on your system. Let me know if you run into any obstacles along the way.

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