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I have a Family subscription and have a question about sharing (or lack thereof). My wife and 2 children will also be using 1Password. I completely understand how I can share passwords or make them private. But, I am not sure I understand how my children get to make a private vault. To be clear, I want them to use this thing, and I have no problem if they have a vault of passwords that I cannot access. Can I assure them that if they create a private vault, then nobody, including me, will have access to it? Or, am I not understanding how this works? Thanks

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  • ag_josephineag_josephine

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    Hi @Geeba

    You'll need to invite your family members to the 1Password Family account and upon doing so, each family member starts with two vaults:

    • Everyone in your family has their own Private vault. You can’t see what’s in theirs, and they can’t see what’s in yours. Store things like your email login and social media passwords in your Private vault.

    • 1Password Families includes a Shared vault for items everyone in your family needs. It’s a great place for your Wi-Fi password and Netflix login, for example.

    To confirm, you are understanding correctly that they will have their own Private Vault that you and every other family member would be unable to access.

    I hope that helps!

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