Eye4Fraud data Breach

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Got notification that my personal data was compromised in the Eye4Fraud Breach. It also says my passwords have been compromised. I am not a customer of Eye4Fraud and don't have an account with them. I had never heard of Eye4Fraud. What should I be concerned about and what precautions should I take? I have no clue which of my passwords have been compromised. Any advice?
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    This is the info from hibp: https://haveibeenpwned.com/PwnedWebsites#Eye4Fraud

    Eye4Fraud is a service for shops ("ecommerce merchants"). It is used by some shop you visited. When you bought something, the shop gave your data to eye4fraud to check the transaction for possible fraud. As long as the shop or Eye4Fraud don't contact you to notify you of the breach, you will probably not learn which shop it was.

    This is a worst case scenario for shop users. They cannot control which fraud protection some shop site uses, and they cannot assess how trustworthy that fraud protection service is to get the choice of not buying at that shop.

    It's not your fault the data was compromised, it's not the shop's fault the data was compromised. The shop did a bad job by choosing a not trustworthy fraud protection service. I don't know that kind of service, but for me it's strange that (hashed) passwords are handed over to a fraud protection service. That's a so sensitive data that must not leave the shop. Giving this to a 3rd party undermines the trust in every web service.

    What you can probably do:
    Either nothing (you don't know which shop it was).
    Or identify which of your logins belongs to some website where you conducted some financial transaction. Not your bank, because a bank would use a much better and bigger service, but all sites where you bought something. Then change the passwords for all of these.

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