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Some sites not filling in 8.10.3 81003001 beta

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Recently I have been encountering some sites that 1Password for Safari will not fill in.

In particular, I need to manually copy and paste fields in the Amazon login page as clicking on the 1Password suggestion does nothing. I have also found the same behavior on the social media site login for MeWe.

I will notify if there are any other ones at issue but the main one is Amazon.

Note: I also have the Safari extension set to "Allow" for all websites.

1Password Version: 8.10.3 81003001 beta
Extension Version: 2.8.0
OS Version: 13.3 Beta (22E5236f)
Browser:_ Safari 16.4 (18615.1.25)


  • woodmeister50woodmeister50
    Community Member

    Came across another site with the same issue. It is the USPS Informed Delivery site that also will not fill in.

  • Joy_1PJoy_1P

    Team Member

    Hey @woodmeister50, I tested things out by filling out test logins on Amazon's site, the USPS Informed Delivery site, and MeWe's site. I was able to fill my logins on those sites in Safari without any issues. Could you manually save a new login for each site and then see if they fill? Here's how to manually save a login: https://support.1password.com/save-login-manually/

    If they do not fill, can you tell us more about the behavior that you're encountering? Does the extension seem to freeze up or crash? Does the extension icon in Safari's toolbar disappear? Getting more details will be very helpful.

  • woodmeister50woodmeister50
    Community Member

    To start, 1Password Extension for Safari recognizes the site. Clicking the "dropdown" to fill indicates it has been pressed but nothing happens:

    Also, trying to manually re-add the site ends up with the wheel of death:

    Just to re-iterate the system:
    Safari 16.4 (18615.1.25)
    1Password for Safari 2.8.1
    1Password for Mac 8.10.3 81003016, on BETA channel
    macOS Ventura 13.3 Beta (22E5236f)

    Just to add, I first noticed this happening when logging into the MeWe site but not sure exactly when. But quite recently I noticed when trying to log into Amazon (a day or so before starting this thread). I probably might have noticed it sooner but have been using the Amazon iPhone app for a while and just an wanted to check out something on my computer along with checking tracking at USPS which prompted me to write this thread.

    As a check, there has been only one crash report back on 3/12/2023 and that was for the 2.8.0 Safari extension. It is a single report and none ever since (745K in size).

    Also, checked ~/Library/ApplicationSupport/1Password/Crashes and it is empty
    Also, checked ~/Library/Containers/1Password for Safari/Data/logs and it is empty

    I created (from advanced settings) a diagnostics file which is about 321K but won't let me attach it to this (File format not allowed).

  • woodmeister50woodmeister50
    Community Member

    For now, it seems the fill-in is working after the latest macOS Ventura beta update. There was a minor Safari update contained in it. The latest is 16.4 (18615. vs. the one that didn't work 16.4 (18615.1.25). The current macOS version is 13.3 Beta (22E5246b). Why it did not work with the previous version is anyones guess.

    For the moment, consider the issue resolved.

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