Using 1password on apps, set-up and recall

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I'm not quite understanding loging into an app and saving the password. When creating the login it asks the website for an app, but the app has none. you just put in username and password. when you do that it doesn't give you any way of descerning that apps password from any other password. Does 1password collect some sort of data from the app to know which blank password goes with which app? When I open my app for my bank I created a log-in for, 1passwords says it just says no suggestions. what am I doing wrong?

It seems great for websites but I don't know how to make it as effective for apps.

1Password Version: 8
Extension Version: Not Provided
OS Version: 16.3.1
Browser:_ chrome


  • Hello @kendallb183! 👋

    On the iPhone AutoFill is specifically handled by iOS through an Apple feature named iOS Password AutoFill while 1Password only provides the data for the experience. Password AutoFill will match the apps that you use to your login items in 1Password by taking the associated domain associated with an app and comparing it against the website URL in your login items. If there is a match then Password AutoFill will offer to fill your login information.

    If your login item is not being suggested for a particular app then you'll need to add the app's associated domain to your login item in 1Password. When you tap on the username or password field in an app you'll see the Password AutoFill prompt appear (above your keyboard), tap on the prompt and then search for the appropriate login item. Then, tap on that Login Item and tap Fill & Update Login. 1Password will add the app’s associated domain to the Login Item so that, the next time you try to login to that app, Password AutoFill will suggest the right login.

    If you don't see Fill & Update Login when you search for and tap on a Login Item then it means that the developer of that app hasn't added an associated domain and there is nothing for Password AutoFill to use to match the app to a Login item in 1Password. This means that you'll need to search for the correct Login item.

    Let me know if you have any questions. 🙂


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