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op item edit removes " Character from Password

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i try to update an item password with 1Password Cli which has a " Character in it. This character is removed from password when the password is written to the vault. I've tried already some variations of passing the password to the CLI but unfortunately it does always remove all " characters from the password.

Any ideas or hints how to get i written correctly?


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  • haydukhayduk
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    edited March 15

    I've found a solution for the mentioned problem. What is strange is, that the behavior is different if you call op item edit in PowerShell 5, Powershell 7 or for example zsh on MacOS.

    In Powershell 5 it is required to Mask the " character with a \. I've came op with the following code that will handle that situation. Maybe it is useful for someone!

    $Password = 'T"e""s"t'

    If ($PSVersionTable.PSVersion.Major -le '5') {
    $Password = $Password.Replace('"','\"')

    $Command = 'op item edit "{0}" ''password={1}''' -f $("TestItem", $Password)

    Invoke-Expression -Command $Command

    Kind regards

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