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Hi all!

Long time user, first time poster here. Love the app but have a couple of use cases that have come up recently that I think could be some QoL improvements (elevate it to that next level).

1) Add a new field type for 2FA recovery / backup codes.

  • Up until recently, I've stored 2FA recovery codes in the Notes field of the saved logins, but this shows codes in plain text. Considering a recovery code could potentially be used to bypass/remove/replace 2FA keeping it visible isn't great.
  • I've started using a workaround, adding the Security Questions fields and entering the Backup Code as a "security answer" which is obfuscated, but takes a few extra clicks and typing. There could potentially be a button/CTA when using one to replace it with the newly generated code.

2) Search items by user who created the item

  • This one is more specific to people who use shared vaults - but I often find I've accidentally created login items in the incorrect vault when rushing through signup flows (which, user error is on me for sure - the default vault setting is a mixed bag and I'm often saving new entries for both home and work). Finding individual logins in my shared work vault can be needle in a haystack sometimes, the first time I realized I'd made some mix ups I had to scroll through 3-4 years of saved items which took a hot minute.
  • Potentially a last modified by as well could be useful as well, sometimes when our devs update shared items they'll add phone auth or other specific things and not record them, so it turns into a game of pinging the whole team to see whodunnit. (Which, also user error, but if a kid is starting fires, take the matches from them when you can)

Thanks for taking the time to read!

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