Where's the "follow" button in the support community?

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On my profile, I saw that I can select categories I follow and how to be notified. However, I don't see any option to do that within any particular community category, to follow it. How or where do I do that?

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  • ag_tommy
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    You can follow individual topics if you wish. Do you see the "star" beside the topic title (middle of the screen)? If so, click it. That should get you going. We tend to have a lot of traffic around here. If you truly wish to follow a category look for the gear icon in the middle of the page. Click it and select follow.

    Personal note: I would be wary of doing this with email notifications on. Sometimes a category can become loud if there is considerable feedback. Be prepared to turn it off. I much prefer subscribing to topics. YMMV. 🙂

    Edit: Oh my, that came out small. If it's not good let me know. I can redo it. Since it's only a general reference it may just do the trick.

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