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URGENT: My secret key is not working

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My personal phone and laptop were stolen yesterday. I can't access any of my accounts without access to my 1Password vault, including the email 1Password has on file for my account. When attempting to login to my 1Password vault via other devices (Chrome/Safari on Mac + app version in other iPhones), the login screen says my Secret Key is incorrect.

I have already sent multiple support tickets about this topic and still have not received a response. This includes support ticket 118875, 118804, 118675 and 118580. Please prioritize having someone respond to these tickets so I can use a Secret Key to access my account and minimize any more damage the thief can cause.

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  • JonM1PWJonM1PW

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    Hey @inneedofhelpnow - Sorry for the delay on your tickets being responded to. I'll take a look at them now and see if we can get an update out to you shortly.

    Thanks for your patience and understanding.

  • inneedofhelpnowinneedofhelpnow
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    @JonM1PW Please follow up to the email thread as soon as possible so this can be resolved

  • ag_tommyag_tommy

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    Due to the nature of the request we are not able to access account details or provide assistance here in the community. Please followup with Jon and the rest of the team via email, as needed. Because we have a direct line of communication open I am going to close this topic.

    ref: Zendesk-118580

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