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Is it possible to print a hard copy of all items, usernames, and passwords or export to excel

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Is it possible to print a hard copy of all items, usernames, and passwords or export to excel

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  • IwouldrathernotIwouldrathernot
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    My export excluded several fields in exported records.
    This coupled with an unrecoverable widows crash with an update were a disaster.
    Conflicts with FF and EDGE browser password managers, display changes , difficulty in cross talk with the program outside of browser and lack of displayed passwords have made 1PW8 and the extension a huge problem.
    Response to support would be nice.

  • Joy_1PJoy_1P

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    Hi @jdevine105, it is indeed possible to export your data. We have a guide on how to do it here: https://support.1password.com/export/

    @Iwouldrathernot the CVS export only includes the fields listed here. If you were looking to grab all the fields, you would have to export using the 1Password Unencrypted Export (1PUX) format, which can be done with the guide here. As for the other issues that were mentioned, what steps did you take to use 1Password and what unexpected behaviors did you see? We'll need more details about your experience so that we can help.

  • IwouldrathernotIwouldrathernot
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    Support responded after a few days, ticket [#RCX-74949-486] .
    Discussed were inability to load v7 when v8 was detected so PUX format is not available.
    v8 is not able to import v4Win or v6mac
    and your migration suggestion links are only for v7&8
    Trying to move to v8 from v4 and v6 has been overly complex
    and questions about data preservation, synchronization and accessibility are still to be resolved.

    v8 has yet to prove helpful and I continue to have 10 years of 1PW data inaccessible,
    and many more hours of work to go before basic function is restored.
    I'm trying to avoid multiple threads, and delayed responses and replies syncopate the process.
    Access/recovery of standalone backups for export would have been nice.


  • ag_tommyag_tommy

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    If you have a direct line of communication going please continue that discussion with our colleagues. They would be the best source to help you navigate or help you take the steps. To prevent duplication of efforts I am going to close this discussion. We look forward to continuing the discussion via email. You can reply to the email at any time and provide additional details as needed. Thanks.

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