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When I move a password or secure note or what ever it creates one in recently deleted?

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I have a horrible problem, when I move a login, password, or any item it creates a item in recently deleted . I have a situation where I was having to making changes after importing passwords from Lastpass. As I sorted these out into vaults it was creating an item in recently deleted! I found my self with duplicates so I went to the deleted and have several of the same items some with old password some with new passwords. So now I don't know which one is which! I have a good memory it's just real short. haha Now I have a big mess. How can I stop everything from being put into the Recently deleted area. I look at dates time some are to close to know which one is which. So now I restore one or both and it creates more in the Deleted area. Is there a way to stop this from repeating itself every time a change is made. I am using version 8. Help Help Please!
This is going to take weeks to try and correct all of this.

1Password Version: 8.10.1
Extension Version: 2.80
OS Version: Monterey 12.6.3
Browser:_ Safari
Referrer: forum-search:moving a password how to stop it creating one in recently deleted?


  • KeithBKeithB
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    Is the above post about recently deleted in the right place? I see there has been views but no comments.

  • ag_tommyag_tommy

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    As the item is moved from one vault to another it's a bit of a complex process due to the encryption. Basically, it ends up being a copy action from one vault to another and then remove the old copy from the old vault which is placed in recently deleted. There is no need to update or restore the recently deleted copy as it's the older no longer used copy from the move. You would continue to use the desired copy in the new destination vault.

  • KeithBKeithB
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    edited March 17

    Okay thanks I will take some more time on this to get it into my head. I’m going to ask another question. Is there a way to view my private vault at the same time? If I open up to view and find a password it shows the contents of my private vault if what I’m looking for is not there then I have to go look in my shared vault. Is there a way to show just the private vault and the shared vault. I can look at all the items but then that includes secure notes also. I just want to see both private and shared at the same time without secure notes. Would be a lot less clutter to look through. Hope this makes sense. Again I hope I posting this stuff in the right area and in the right way.

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