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I'll be honest, I wish there was a way to pull up archived items when filling a login, such as when I'm singing into an app (e.g. on iPhone), a webpage, or elsewhere. I transitioned my 1Pass data from using an "Archive" vault to using the 1Password archive feature, and that's the one missing thing for me.

1Password Version: 8.x.x
Extension Version: 2.7.x
OS Version: iOS 16.x.x; macOS 13.x.x
Browser:_ Safari


  • Tertius3Tertius3
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    It might be you have a slightly wrong idea what the archive function is for. Archiving items is a lesser delete. It's for moving old/obsolete/legacy items away without actually deleting them. Because of this, they will not show up for autofill.

    If you use the archive as some kind of category or grouping functionality, I propose you assign a tag to all archived items to be able to find them later, then reinstate the items out of the archive to make them active again. Assigning tags to items is the way to manage/organize items.

  • nimvionimvio
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    @Tertius3 , I understand what you're getting at. But there's some instances where I want to link items to other items, some of which are in Archive, or all of which (that I want to link) are in Archive. The only way to get around that is to "restore" the items, link them, and then re-archive them. And another scenario is when, on the rare occasion, I want to search for an item in Archive while I'm using the 1Password extension (for example), and I'd at least like a way to manually access (or at least just search for) it without having to go into the app.

  • ag_tommyag_tommy

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    I continue to have a vault used to hold some lesser used items (think relatives admin type items). You might look at placing the needed ones into an additional vault and then setting up one or more collections. You could have one that includes the new lesser used items vault but also one that does not. This is more of a forward thinking post as collections have not made it to 1Password in the browser, yet, I have my fingers crossed we'll see that at some point in the future. Collections in the browser is one of the things I eagerly anticipate.

    For the browser you could optionally set the given vault you're using for lesser used items to not be show. This can be done from within the 1Password in the browser settings.

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