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signing in to subdomains or specific path on chrome (correct login no longer appears on top)

In addition to having multiple accounts for the same domain (example home/business use) (or development login, production login) (or project1 login, project2 login) etc..., there are sites where you could have different logins for different subdomains (i.e. x.abc.com, abc.com, y.abc.com).

Since I have logins matching both scenarios, I turn off autofill and always select the login to use manually.

Having just switched from the old 1password7 plugin to the new 1password8 subscription one, one specific feature for the usage when selecting the login manually has degraded significantly.

Namely, when I try to login from the URL (x.abc.com), I still get all possible similar logins for (abc.com y.abc.com abc.com/wpadmin etc...), except in the 1password7 chrome plugin, the login that exactly matches the URL or subdomain I'm loging into, appears on top. This makes a huge difference since in 90% of the cases the login I need is on top, and this saves significant amount of scrolling looking for the right one.

Unfortunately the 1password 8 plugin seems to have lost this distinction, I don't know what order it shows the logins in but it is seemingly random. The one matching the exact domain/path URL I'm logging into has to always be the 1st one (based on the url/path stored in the website field in the entry stored in the vault)

Please fix it.

1Password Version: 8.10.3
Extension Version: 2.8.1
OS Version: win11
Browser:_ Chrome


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