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Based on previous discussions, it seems like the universal autofill only works in a sudo prompt.
Is there any plan to add support for autofill in general for prompts like MySQL client login or others? I am unable to use the op cli because most of these prompts happen over ssh on remote hosts, where I cannot install the CLI.
Maybe something like the password autofill feature in iTerm2 but that works for other apps like Terminal or Warp.

1Password Version: 8.10.3
Extension Version: Not Provided
OS Version: macOS 13.3
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  • Hi @nirantak,

    Can you provide a bit more clarification for what you're asking for? Are you looking for autocomplete, or injecting secrets through ssh, or something different? Are you able to include a detailed workflow?

    Let me know!

  • nirantak
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    Hi @1P_Amanda,
    I am looking for the universal autofill to work in terminals.
    For example, when running commands like mysql -u user -p , or any command that waits for a password input.
    Currently, 1password does not autofill passwords on prompts like these, when the cursor is in the terminal and I click the autofill option from the Quick Access menu (Cmd+Shift+Space). It only autofills when there is a login shell prompt (like for sudo).

    For terminal password prompts seen locally, one can workaround by passing the output of op item get using pipes or stdin. But that is not possible for remote ssh sessions where installing the CLI is not allowed. It would be great if the 1P universal autofill / quick access could do this natively.

    For now, I have to use the password manager built into iTerm2 to do this (which causes the password to be stored in multiple locations, 1P and keychain), or create a Raycast extension like this: to do the autofill.


  • Hi @nirantak,

    That is exactly the context I was hoping for, thank you! I will create a ticket to see what's possible there, I appreciate you sharing this feature request.