What is the difference between a membership and a reward program?

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1Password provides a lot of options when saving a new item. From Passport to Bank Accounts. I am particularly interested in the difference between a "Membership" item and a "Reward Program" item. What is the difference between the two and how to decide which one to pick? I want to save my Emirates Skywards Frequent Flyer and am unable to decide which one of the two to choose.

Also, is there any documentation that explains the various items that 1Password support along with examples that would help users like me understand and better utilise 1Password? I am aware of https://support.1password.com/item-categories/ but this page only tells what fields are there in the item and not what that item is or what should generally go in there.

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    Membership and rewards are the same, in my opinion, at least nowadays. I've always preferred the membership option for my use. I can't think of any apparent reason other than personal preference. I am more static in using categories and adding tags to things. You can use whichever fits your thinking, just as I did. They both are there to record the details you use. I can't think of any hard reason to use one or the other. I've even used the membership to record my marriage details. Marriage is like membership, in my opinion; some may think otherwise.

    At one time, I had used both categories but decided to trim down my use and settle on membership. I realize this is not a clear answer, but it may give you some guidance. 1Password is very flexible, and you can use it for almost anything. Another example is that I use the membership for my medical insurance details. For some reason, many years back, I decided to use the Social Security Number item for my draft registration details. I'm likely telling you my age here. Field names can also be changed if needed or fields added. 🔧 Customize your 1Password items

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    Thanks for the information

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