I can't add the 1Password complication to Apple watch

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I have just downloaded the wallpaper for the Apple watch Thank you for that it a very nice design! There's something aloof with my Apple watch series 5, it doesn't seem to play nice with my iPhone 14 pro max.

when I try to add the complication, 1Password does NOT appear as I'm scrolling through the options.
On my iPhone, in the watch app 1Password is listed under the "Installed On Apple Watch" section.
On my Apple watch I can see 1Password app (which is strange since I was trying to set it as a complication previously but it didn't show) it only shows when I press the bezel to access the watch menu. When I top on 1Password - It shows the following message:

"No Items found
Add items to your
Apple Watch by
tapping the ... menu
while viewing an item."

I have the latest updates on both watch and iPhone, both restarted but still no joy.


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    I have just figured it out! for some strange reason the "show app on apple watch" button was off in the iPhone app. It wouldn't stay on so I restarted both iPhone and watch again and now everything is good.

  • Hi there @TOWS

    the "show app on apple watch" button was off in the iPhone app

    That'll do it! I'm glad to hear you got it working. Let us know if you need anything. :)

    — Grey

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