Request for additional unlock methods on Android

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  • rodrigotrovao
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    • extra pin + fingerprint ( must insert both to work )
    • smart unlock ( by devices/gadgets/localization/wifi )
    • pin or face (android) unlock
    • 'wrong password' route ( if user types a 'defined wrong password', it shows wrong passwords ), protecting user ( if the user is coerced by a criminal ).
  • Hi @rodrigotrovao thanks for writing in.

    pin or face (android) unlock

    Face unlock is currently available with 1Password for Android but on the majority of Android devices, the security implementation does not meet 1Password's requirements to unlock with facial biometry. Face unlock on most Android devices is considered Class 2 or below, meaning the scanner could be tricked or "spoofed" by a photo or video. Due to this, Face unlock is not typically accessible with 1Password for Android.

    PIN unlock is not available with 1Password for Android at the moment but is on the roadmap for future releases.

    In regards to the other options you mentioned, I'd be happy to share your interest in these features with the team. It's always good to have personal insights in the feedback we file, so if you can let me know why these would be useful for you day-to-day or any additional details, I'll be able to pass that along.

    Thanks again!

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