"Sign in with" keeps appearing in sites where I use oAuth, even if I'm not in login screen.

I use third party oAuth login (Sign in using Google, Facebook etc.) on several sites and those details are saved in 1Password. But now the issue is - whenever I visit those sites, even if I'm not on login screen and even if I'm already logged in, 1Password's "Sign in with" overlay pops up.

Moreover, this overlay doesn't go away on its own after some time. I have to manually close it.

imo, this overlay should not popup unless I'm on a login screen.

1Password Version: 1Password for Windows 8.10.5 (81005010)
Extension Version: 2.9.0
OS Version: Windows 11 22H2
Browser:_ Chrome


  • Hey @1passworder,

    I'm sorry for the trouble.

    Can you provide me with a little more information as I'm struggling to replicate the behaviour on this site.

    What steps are you taking to initially log in to the site?

    Does this prompt appear on every page or is there a particular page?

    Once you have dismissed the prompt does it return?

    Any information would be really useful, thank you!

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