On iPhone IOS 16.3.1 I don't use face recognition, how to not have to use 1PW PW so often???

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On iPhone IOS 16.3.1 I don't use face recognition. I have my iPhone set so I only have to use my numerical sign in for my iPhone every 4-5 hours. But to use 1PW on my iPhone, I have to enter my password (very long) every time. How do I set it so I can sign in to 1PW for a longer period -- like I do on my MacBook. Now I never want to use 1PW on my iPhone as it's a hassle to enter the long PW. So only use it on my MacBook. There must be a way around this.

1Password Version: 1Password for Mac 8.10.4 81004032, on PRODUCTION
Extension Version: Dont know where to find
OS Version: IOS 16.3.1
Browser:_ Safari and Firefox
Referrer: forum-search:sign in too often


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