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is the warning from watchtower regarding 2fa, that i am not using 1password 2fa, or 2fa in general for that account.

1Password Version: Not Provided
Extension Version: Not Provided
OS Version: Not Provided
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  • Hi @pathfinder76! The 2FA warning from Watchtower indicates that the website stored in the item has 2FA available, and you don't currently have a one-time password stored in 1Password for it.

    If you have 2FA enabled for that particular account using a method other than 1Password itself, you can either click Ignore on the alert, or add a 2FA tag to the item to indicate that you're using a different authenticator and remove the warning.

    I hope this helps, but if you have any further questions let us know 😄

  • pathfinder76
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    yes, thanks

  • You're very welcome @pathfinder76! 😄

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