Creating login items from Ansible

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Im trying to figure out how to use 1Password CLI to create items from Ansible.
Everything I tried is giving me an error: "Failed to create item: invalid JSON"

Here is my test task:

- name: Run command
  ansible.builtin.command: "op item create --category login --title 'Test'"
  delegate_to: localhost

Even running an empty command "op item create" gives the same error about invalid JSON even though I would expect it to fail with something related to a missing category.

I also tried to create a json template and use it, but in that case task finishes fine, but no actual login is created:

- name: Run command
  ansible.builtin.command: "echo {{ lookup('file', 'login.tpl') }} | op item create"
  delegate_to: localhost

Executing command locally works just fine

CLI version: 2.16.1

What am I doing wrong?

1Password Version: 8.10.4
Extension Version: Not Provided
OS Version: MacOS 13.3.1
Browser:_ Not Provided


  • babaika
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    Here is a raw error msg (from the first command) in case its helpful:

    fatal: [ans-test3 -> localhost]: FAILED! => {
        "changed": true,
        "cmd": [
        "delta": "0:00:01.144492",
        "end": "2023-04-28 12:21:14.001860",
        "invocation": {
            "module_args": {
                "_raw_params": "op item create --category login --title 'Test'",
                "_uses_shell": false,
                "argv": null,
                "chdir": null,
                "creates": null,
                "executable": null,
                "removes": null,
                "stdin": null,
                "stdin_add_newline": true,
                "strip_empty_ends": true
        "msg": "non-zero return code",
        "rc": 1,
        "start": "2023-04-28 12:21:12.857368",
        "stderr": "[ERROR] 2023/04/28 12:21:13 Failed to create item: invalid JSON",
        "stderr_lines": [
            "[ERROR] 2023/04/28 12:21:13 Failed to create item: invalid JSON"
        "stdout": "",
        "stdout_lines": []
  • mkhinda
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    I am having this exact same issue. Using 1password-cli 2.17.0.
    Something to add is that the op get command works fine:
    "cmd": ["op", "item", "get", "FOO", "--vault", "Private", "--fields", "notesPlain"]
    but the simple create does not:
    "cmd": ["op", "item", "create"]
    "stderr": "[ERROR] 2023/05/03 14:08:17 Failed to create item: invalid JSON"

  • mkhinda
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    @babaika one of my colleagues at work found a solution to this that worked for us. This is what I did in my playbook that worked:
    cmd: |
      echo '{ "title": "YOUR TITLE", "fields": [ { "id": "notesPlain", "value": "Hey these are some notes" } ] }' |  op item create --vault Private --category "Password" "password={{ super_secret_password }}" --tags=foo --format=JSON

    You can get all the fields for the echo json by downloading the template:

    op item template get --out-file=password.json "Password"
  • Hey everyone,

    My apologies for the late response. This seems to be a bug of op item create present in piped environments, the workaround is indeed to use --template or to pipe a part of the item (or a full template) into the command:

    op item template get login | op item create

    I hope this helps, as a workaround. This is something we're currently looking into fixing, so thank you for raising this!