Are legacy versions available?

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I have a dedicated special device running Android 7. Is there a legacy version available that I can side load? Syncing isn't so much a concern if I'm able to export-import from a more current version. Even if I have to hand load the few passwords I'll need manually I can deal with it.

My only other option is to use less secure passwords on that device.

1Password Version: Not Provided
Extension Version: Not Provided
OS Version: Android 7
Browser:_ Not Provided


  • Hi @Phrede, thanks for your question.

    1Password 7 for Android is delisted and no longer available. Where possible, we suggest updating to newer versions of Android that are supported and receiving security updates and using 1Password 8. On devices running Android 8 or earlier, you can access information saved in 1Password by signing in on the 1Password website,

    While I'll note again that we strongly recommend upgrading to 1Password 8 and using contemporary Android OS's for security reasons, if you have previously installed 1Password 7 for Android the app may still be available for you through your Play Store history.

    If you have previously installed 1Password 7 for Android, have access to the account in the Play Store used to download it, and the device you mentioned has access to the Play Store app you can check if 1Password 7 is available.

    I find the easiest way is opening this link on your Android device: 1Password 7 - Password Manager - Apps on Google Play

    You can also open the Play Store app, tap your account icon then tap: Manage apps & device > Manage > Installed > Not Installed. Or: My apps & games > Library > Not on this device.

  • Phrede
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    Thanks for letting me know I have no official options

  • Hi @Phrede, thanks for following up with me.

    I'm sorry the suggestions here are not ideal for your setup. Keeping software and OS's up to date is important for security but I certainly understand there are a number of situations where that may not be possible. If you'd like to share any further feedback, I would be happy to file that with the team.

    Let us know if there's anything we can help with and thanks again.

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