1Password doesn't fill in bunny.net OTP Code


When signing into bunny.net the OTP code is shown as 6 individual fields. 1pass populates first 3 fields, cursor can be seen going to last field, then second and third fields are cleared out.
I am able to open 1pass, copy the OTP code and paste it in without a problem
Here is a video (of a video to slow it down) to show what happens https://youtu.be/osw7Grjfuzk
Showing firefox, also happens in chrome

1Password Version: 8.10.4
Extension Version: 2.10.0
OS Version: macOS 13.3.1 (a)
Browser:_ Firefox 112.0.2


  • Hey @notsle,

    I'm sorry for the trouble, we were able to replicate the behavior you've described on your site and have reported the issue to our developers. Hopefully there will be a fix for this in the future.

    For now, I recommend manually filling out the missing digits in the field. Apologies again for the inconvenience but I hope this can help until there is a better solution.

    If you have any other questions, please let us know.

    ref: dev/core/core#15069

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